Solutions for Mobile Carriers

Intelligent security devices that provide in-store visibility and drive increased customer engagement.

Intelligent security that sells.


OnePOD & Zips

Industry leading high theft protection

  • Scalable security options
  • Optimal design and customer experience
  • Quick release nightly removal
  • Software capabilities
  • High security options



In-store behavior analytics

  • Reduce audit costs by monitoring device compliance at corporate level
  • Increase sales by ensuring optimal planogram is in place
  • Identify frequency of interactions and duration for each device



Improve the customer experience

  • Reduce overall wait time, create more productive customer experience
  • Manage pricing and plans at corporate level
  • Content flexibility allows for cross-sell; deeper customer engagement


A single key solution designed to increase your profits.

Improve Customer Service

Empower employees to better serve customers with single key access, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise.

Industry Leading Security

Assign a unique code per store, 12 hour time-out feature for greater protection, and ability to create zones and audit employee use.

In-Store Visibility & Analytics

Monitor, understand and manage associate interactions through retail analytics. Know who did what, where and when.


One design. One experience. One key.

InVue’s OnePOD platform provides multiple levels of security that maximize the customer’s in-store experience. OnePOD’s flexibility features cross-merchandising via an auxiliary port, planogram compliance, fast nightly removal, and customer interaction data.

Retail Analytics

In-store visibility and analytics for better decision making.

InVue Insight
Data capture.

InVue Insight delivers powerful in-store behavior analytics allowing you to monitor planogram compliance, customer interaction frequency and duration, and identify positions that have the greatest number of security incidents.

Leverage data to increase sales.

MicroSigns improves the customer experience with self-guided content to help drive purchase decisions, creates more productive wait-time experience, and allows for centralized management of content.  Managed at the corporate level allowing you to easily insert data plans, control pricing, extended warranties, and buyback offers.

Increase accessory sales

A universal, cost effective solution to display and protect accessories and connected home/IoT devices within Mobile Carriers.

Zips for Accessories
Power and protect a wide range of mobile phone accessories and Connected Home devices.

  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Leverages OEM power to power the merchandise and the alarm.

Hanging Merchandise Solutions
Security for premium phone accessories.

  • Secure phone cases, covers, SIM cards, and accessories with Locking Hooks
  • Locking collar secures to wallboard

Tablet POS Systems

Decrease wait time, improve the customer experience, and increase sales with InVue mobile POS stands.

mPOS Systems

Transform the tablet into a powerful sales tool for Mobile Carriers.

  • Provides integrated charging of tablet and card reader
  • Supports any tablet size, manufacturer and operating system
  • Two USB 2.0 connections support peripherals and data connectivity