Open Merchandise

OneKEY Ecosystem™

Solutions for open merchandising.

With InVue’s secure fixtures, retailers can easily and confidently display high value sell thru merchandise, featuring uncompromising locking and time-delay designs. InVue’s secure fixtures combine the protection of locked cabinets with the sales power of open merchandising. Secure fixtures are part of the OneKEY Ecosystem — a storewide single key security system for all your high theft merchandise.

> Secure Fixtures

Stop thieves, not customers.

 OneKEY Flexible Locking Hooks
Flexible security for today’s premium accessories.

OneKEY StopLok
Enhanced security for premium accessories

OneKEY Locking Hooks™
Highest level of peg hook security

Works with any non-secure hook

Flexible Locking Hooks
Flexible security for high value accessories

Locking Hooks
Display merchandise openly & safely

Shelf Tether™
Protection for shelved merchandise

Secured dispensing with flexible merchandising

> Package Protection

OneKEY Safers™
Ultimate package protection

Secure Box
Added protection for pegged merchandise

OneKEY Package Wrap
Packaged merchandise, visible and secure