Merchandise on display

OneKEY Ecosystem™

Solutions for merchandise on display.

The perfect solutions for expensive handheld electronics and electronic accessories, InVue’s display security gives retailers the flexibility to create secure displays anywhere in store. Easy to install and maintain, InVue’s display security solutions are adaptable and scalable to meet retail security needs and increase sales. Display security is part of the OneKEY Ecosystem — a storewide single key security system for all your high theft merchandise.

> Security for Handheld Electronics on Display

Series 855V
Vertical display with ultra low profile sensor

One Design. One Experience. One Key. OnePOD.

Optimal combination of design, experience, and security

Series 950
Smallest above counter security

Series 3000
Cordless security for the ultimate customer experience

Series 2800
Power & secure merchandise with one system

S950 Hidden Lens Sensor
Customers can try different lenses with camera

Self-service lens security

> Security for Wearables on Display

OnePOD Wireless
One Design. One Experience. One Key. OnePOD.

One Design. One Experience. One Key. OnePOD.

Clean, consistent display for wearables

All-in-one solution for wearables

HS Smart Watches
Touch solution for extreme high theft

> Alarm on Merchandise Protection

Proven protection for tablets & laptops

Perfect combination of security, experience and cost.

> Power Boxes

4-Port Power Box
Innovative solution for space limited displays

> Security for Electronic Accessories on Display

Zips for portable speakers

Zips for Connected Home Displays
A universal platform to display and protect connected home devices.

Zips for Laptop Displays
K-Lock: Enhanced security for laptops, notebooks, and monitors

Zips for Modular Displays
Customizable, flexible and cost effective attachments for select accessories on display.

Zips Headphone Recoiler
Optimal customer experience and security for wireless headphones.

Zips 2.0
Alarming security for high theft accessories

Zips Power
Powered security for premium CE accessories

Zips Camera
Instant protection for cameras

Zips Basic
Economically protects a range of products