OneKEY Ecosystem™


The single key solution designed to increase profits.

Problem facing retailers: Too many keys.

InVue’s solution: OneKEY.

Improve Customer Service

Empower employees to better serve customers with single key access, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise.

Industry Leading Security

Assign a unique code per store, 12 hour time-out feature for greater protection, and ability to create zones and audit employee use.

In-Store Visibility & Analytics

Monitor, understand and manage associate interactions through retail analytics. Know who did what, where and when.

A security and merchandising ecosystem designed to increase sales, decrease theft and improve profits.


OneKEY, combined with InVue’s Access Manager, allows you to assign and manage which departments in the store your associates can access and monitor their use to decrease internal theft.

Results of LPRC research with a major big box retailer:


Increase in ability to service customers


Decline in known theft

OneKEY for Big Box Retailers

With OneKEY you can safely give every associate a key to improve customer service and dramatically boost sales.


InVue’s infrared technology, unique to the industry, enables OneKEY to transfer power and data to a wide range of security products providing industry leading protection for your high theft merchandise.

Display Merchandise

Hanging Merchandise

Packaged Merchandise

Locked Cabinets


OneKEY enables insightful analytics. Know what devices are on display at all times and understand customer interaction with devices to help drive better decision making.

Access Manager

Manage employee access to the entire store, specific departments or even particular displays.

Data collection from OneKEY provides a view of all associates’ activity.

InVue Insight

Manage Planogram compliance. Analyze device activity such as lifts, duration, alarm activity, device health.

Data collection stores in the cloud can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


OneKEY facilitates tablets used storewide providing best in class mobile POS and kiosk solutions.

  • Easy to use mPOS solutions that combine tablets, payments, and applications to improve the customer experience.
  • Increase transaction size and improve conversion rates
  • Decrease the total cost of ownership of POS system