Access Manager™

An electronic lock security solution that provides auditing and zoning capabilities with an easy-to-use platform designed specifically for retail.

Access Manager provides intelligence on users and usage of security devices and locks.

  • Access Manager allows you to assign who has access to locked cabinets and security devices.
  • You control who has access to the entire store, a department, or a single position.

Improve your key control and accountability.

  • Access Manager accurately provides data that logs every security interaction for every associate with key access. Helping you understand associate activity, through data collection and reporting, will allow you to increase store performance and customer service.

The OneKey is the data collector that allows
Access Manager to provide you the knowledge
of who accessed a position… and when.

Access Manager works with a range
of InVue security products including…


Smart Lock L430

Worry-free, self-locking protection for locked-cabinet merchandise.


POD Series 1060 and 1560

Powered and alarmed cross-merchandising security that will dramatically increase your accessory sales.


Commercial Solution CT300

Security for tablets used for business that features easy tablet mobility and the ability
to complete a sales transaction anywhere in your store.