Installed in seconds, Zips provide a vital anti-theft
solution as part of your overall security program.
InVue Zips provide simple, fast and economical display security for a wide range of merchandise.
Installed completely above the counter, Zips are extremely easy to use anywhere in the store.
Zips Power Multiport
Power and protect up to four electronic accessories with one device.
  • Power and alarm continually charges and protects merchandise on display
  • “Gold is Good” LED indicates system status
  • 100 dB alarm
  • Access Manager compatibility provides audit and zone control

Enhanced power for emerging accessories.

Part of InVue’s single key OneKEY Ecosystem™.

Installed above or below the counter, Zips Power Multiport provides retail security
for electronic accessories.
Zips Power Single Port
Powering and securing high theft electronic accessories.
  • Powers 5V, 1 Amp devices
  • Detachable sensor for easy daily removal
  • Rechargeable back-up battery

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