No more compromises.

Series 950 is a no compromise solution that has the smallest above counter size — smaller than line alarm — with the simplicity, ease of use and reliability of an InVue POD.

  1. Smallest footprint of any handheld electronic security device
  2. Easy to use — installs in under 60 seconds
  3. Advanced aesthetics and engineering
  4. For smartphones, tablets and cameras

Easy to use.
Installs in under 60 seconds.

S950 Hidden Lens Sensor for Quick and Easy Lens Changes

The S950 Hidden Lens Sensor delivers an unrivaled customer experience, allowing store staff to swap out lenses so customers can try a variety of lenses for a camera while keeping the lens safe and secure. The S950 Hidden Lens Sensor was designed for retailers and brands with a DSLR lens bar or environments that secure high-end camera lenses with Smart Lock or behind locked cabinets.

  • A hidden alarming lens sensor that doesn’t disrupt the consumer experience
  • No zip ties or sensor mass on lens to interrupt the shopping experience
  • Compatible with S950 Camera Sensor
  • Enables store staff to quickly and easily interchange camera lenses
  • Comes with ‘Do Not Remove Lens Alarm’ on the lens to act as a visual theft deterrent

Scalable security to meet the needs of each store.


Minimal design for phones, tablets and cameras.

Magnetic display for dummy phones.

The Series 950 Display Only provides display consistency across your live, powered smartphones and dummy display phones. It’s a cost effective solution to help you manage the cost of your mobile phone displays without sacrificing aesthetics. And the Series 950 Display Only provides the same ease of install and remerchandising.

  • Same aesthetic as Series 950
  • Keep consistent look across entire store for all levels of security
  • Magnetic Perfect Placement® in portrait and landscape
  • Detachable sensor connection

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