Power up and secure any merchandise with one system.

Series 2800 is a flexible, multi-position security system that allows retailers to secure multiple branded items such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, wearables and accessories on a single fixture or display. It consists of a modular system of regulated, multi-voltage power boxes and a full portfolio of sensors that can be configured to accommodate different needs.

  • Smart voltage regulation recognizes, adjusts and compensates for any voltage loss between the Power Box and the device
  • 105-110 dB alarm is loud enough for noisy environments
  • Various types of alarm tones created to alert you when more than one position is alarming
  • A true ‘1 to many’ solution allowing up to 16 powered and 16 alarming only positions or 32 alarming only positions
  • Under counter architecture is future-proof and is easily remerchandised for new products

Exceptional ease of use.
Provides a connected experience for the customer.

Series 2800 Low Profile Sensor

The Series 2800 Low Profile Sensor compliments a clean, minimalist store design with an elegantly designed, high impact vertical display option. With the smallest AP sensor in the industry, you can engage your customers at the point of sale for a near ideal merchandise experience.

  • Smallest AP style sensor significantly improves the consumer experience
  • ‘Gold is Good’ LED indicates alarm and power up status
  • AP Style sensor for Micro USB and USB Type C eliminates the need for dual sensors
  • Small, clear acrylic display stand highlights a high impact vertical merchandising display that is adaptable to all leading smartphones on the market today
  • Designed to accommodate left, right and center orientation of power connector

Series 2800 Low Profile Camera Sensor

A sleek solution that powers and protects SLR cameras — no bulky sensor or security stand required. Innovative design minimizes the intrusiveness of security and encourages self-guided customer trial.

  • Small sensor size with LED status indicator
  • Power and security integrated into one cord
  • Works with OEM stands or camera can simply be placed on countertop for display
  • Easy to remerchandise
  • Use with the LS100 to allow customers to exchange lenses for a more complete experience

Type C Power Injection Sensor

Protect and power USB-C laptops and notebooks with a discreet sensor providing security and power is provided by a single cable secured to the device with minimal aesthetic impact. Power injection — using OEM power — delivers optimum current and voltage to new, power-hungry devices.

  • Single sensor — universal design can be used with: PODs Series 2800, 1050, 1060 and 1560; and Zips 2.0
  • Layered protection — use discreet Mylar adhesive strip as standard, or upgrade to a metal L-bracket for increased retention force
  • Power and alarm in one cable provides superior aesthetics (minimizes cables and cords)

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